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Auto Credit

Know the characteristics of Auto Credit

You choose the vehicle, the term, and we design the financing for you

We know how important it is to keep moving

Expert counseling 365 days a year

We grade your credit line with bank statements in 48 hours

For individual or business tax classifications

You can acquire new or pre-owned units

We finance accessories and your unit’s insurance

What can I use it for?



Tractors and specialized truck equipment

Tractors and specialized truck equipment



What is the process?

Quote your vehicle

Quote your vehicle

We grade your line

We grade your line

You sign your credit

You sign your credit

*Subject to document validation and credit analysis

  • What is Credit?

    A personalized financing solution to buy cars, tractors, and specialized truck equipment. Regardless of the tax category, just choose the vehicles you need and we help you acquire them.

  • What are its benefits?

    Custom plans according to your payment capacity. You have terms from 12 to 60 months.

  • What’s the downpayment?

    Downpayment of 20% in new and 30% in pre-owned

  • Does my credit bureau status matter?

    It’s important to have a good credit bureau status since this speeds up your process

  • Do I need any proof of income?

    Some of the documents to prove your income can be: bank statements, pay stubs, and annual tax statements

  • Under which tax category should I be to get an auto credit?

    At UNIFIN, you can get your auto credit if you’re under PF, PFAE, and PM. If you’re PF, you should have no less than one year at your current employment. For PFAE and PM (both concerning business activity), at least 2 years constituted as a company

  • What type of vehicle could I acquire?

    Any car or tractor that is worth over $500,000 Mexican pesos.

  • Credit plans

    New vehicles

    • Annual fixed rate up to 21.50%*
    • Down payment up to 30%
    • Term plans of 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months
    • The rate is assigned according to the chosen financing plan
    • For credits billed in national currency inside the Mexican Republic

  • Commission fees

    • One-time opening commission of up to 4%*
    • *The opening commission is calculated above the amount to be financed
    • *The opening commission is financed and covered in the first monthly payment
    • There’s no penalty for anticipated payments
    • Commissions are valid since December 31st, 2022

  • Total Annual Cost (CAT)

    AVERAGE CAT WITHOUT VALUE ADDED TAX OF 23.12% To informative and comparative ends, calculated on Jul 29th, 2022, considering an opening commission fee financed to the first month, with financed insurance.

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Blvd. Independencia 3775 - Local 14 Oficinas 2 y 3 Col. El Fresno, 27018 Torreón Coah. CP

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Blvd. Ávila Camacho 158 Edificio Veranda • Piso 4 Costa Verde • 94294 Boca del Río, Veracruz

Unifin | Yucatán

Prol. Paseo de Montejo por 47 No. 331 • Piso 4 • Benito Juárez 97119 • Mérida, Yucatán

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