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Insurance and surety bail bonds

Meet our insurance and surety bail bond offering

We have access to the broadest network of insurers and reinsurers to give you the coverage that you and your company need.

Protect all your assets

  • Counseling in the inspection and designing of insurance programs according to your needs.
  • Backup and service 365 days a year
  • Insurance for vehicles, trucks, theft, damage, personal insurance, life insurance, and medical expenses
  • Competitive conditions

What assets can I protect?

Damage and theft

Damage and theft

They protect patrimonial assets from accidents or theft

Mayor Medical Expenses

Mayor Medical Expenses

It guarantees expenses generated by sickness or accident for the account owner and his/her beneficiaries

Auto insurance

Auto insurance

It covers damage repair to the victims of a road accident, repair of the owner’s car, a third party’s car, and more

Home insurance

Home insurance

It covers damages produced by any meteorological phenomenon, fire, theft, and damage to third parties

Civil liability

Civil liability

Damages that happened to third parties, whether it is themselves or their properties



Take care of the people you love the most

Surety bail bonds

Surety bail bonds

Offer an economic compensation (to the beneficiary) in case of breach of obligation (from the issuer)

What is the process?

Get specialized counseling

Get specialized counseling

Design of tailor-made solutions for every company

Design of tailor-made solutions for every company

Hire your insurance

Hire your insurance

*Subject to document validation and credit analysis

  • What is Insurance?

    It’s the coverage that you and your company need to operate in a safe manner and protect your most important assets.

  • I already have insurance. Can I still hire one with you?

    We check your current insurance plans for free and we seek to improve the coverage/price relationship you currently have, making sure to cover your needs.

  • What are its benefits?

    When you get your insurance from Unifin, you have access to the broadest network of insurers and reinsurers, which will allow you to have insurance policies at an adequate price or the coverage you and your company need.

  • What type of insurance do you offer?

    Our network of insurers and reinsurers will allow you to access the broadest range of available insurance in the local and global market, from insurance policies forvehicles, damage, and medical expenses to the coverage of larger risks.

Did we convince you?

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We have coverage in 13 states nationwide. Click here to locate your closest location.

Unifin | Aguascalientes

Av. Arroyo El Molino 1001 • Torre 2 • Piso 6 - 600 • Col. Trojes de Alonso • C.P. 20115 • Aguascalientes

Unifin | Baja California

Rufino Tamayo 9990 • Piso 3-302 • Torre La Esquina • Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana • CP. 22010 • Tijuana

Unifin | Chihuahua

Periférico de la Juventud 6106 Piso 2 - 7 • Arcadas Residencial • C.P. 31215 • Chihuahua

Unifin | CDMX

Presidente Masaryk 111 • Pisos 3 y 5 • C Polanco • C.P. 11560 • Ciudad de México

Unifin | Guanajuato

Oficina Irapuato Paseo de la Altiplanicie 11-4B • Torre Wolken • Villas de Irapuato • C.P. 36670 Oficina León Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos 1702 • Piso 4-2 • Plaza Stadium • La Martinica • C.P. 37500

Unifin | Jalisco

Av. Acueducto 4851 • Piso 9-1 • Puerta de Hierro • C.P. 45116 • Zapopan

Unifin | Nuevo León

Av. Ricardo Margaín Zozaya 335 • Pisos 4 y 5 • Torre EQUUS • Valle del Campestre • C.P. 66265 • San Pedro Garza García

Unifin | Puebla

Blvd. Osa Mayor 4929 • Piso 4 Interiores 25 y 26 • Plaza Paseo Angelópolis Centros Comerciales Desarrollo AtlixcáyotI • C.P. 72193 • Puebla

Unifin | Querétaro

Prol. Boulevard Bernardo Quintana Sur 302 • Piso 3 • Edificio Punto Sur B • Fracc. Centro Sur • C.P. 76090 • Querétaro

Unifin | Sonora

Blvd. José María Morelos 307 • Edificio H • Planta Baja • Zona Militar Cuartel XV • C.P. 83145 • Hermosillo

Unifin | Veracruz

Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho 158-4 (Esquina con Mar Adriático) • Fracc. Costa Verde • C.P. 94294 • Boca del Río

Unifin | Yucatán

Prol. Paseo del Montejo 331 (Entrada por Calle 47) • Piso 4 • Plaza Península • Benito Juárez Norte • C.P. 97119 • Mérida

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