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About us

UNIFIN Foundation is a civil association founded in 2009. It is responsible for promoting UNIFIN Financiera’s social responsibility initiatives. Its headquarters are in Mexico City, and its scope of action covers children and teenagers in the city, its metro area, and some Mexican states.  We grant resources as donations to civilian organizations that carry out projects of social benefit for children and teenagers *, specifically those related to health, addictions, education, marginalization, and extreme poverty. Similarly, through our corporate volunteering program "UNIFIN for a Smile", we support social programs committed to our communities. Through the efforts of the Great UNIFIN Family, we make donations and share hours of service. We have benefited more than 1,233,066 people and positively impacting almost 1,849,600 families. We support causes committed to society. We provide special care and support to communities affected by the natural disasters that happen in our country every year.   In 2020 we supported 273,396 children and teenagers*, thus impacting 410,094 families. * INEGI: children up to age 18

Data 13 years supporting Mexico’s children


In donations


People benefitted


Families impacted


Foundations supported

Just in 2021


In donations


People benefitted


Families impacted

Our Mission

That the resources we grant are used in actions that have a social impact, create awareness, empowerment, and inspiration, and favor children and teenagers in vulnerable situations due to extreme poverty.

Our Vision

We are convinced that the sum of wills generates a multiplying force that allows us to benefit a greater number of people. We have clarity in our vision that an efficient allocation of resources will achieve a change in the lives of children, youth, and the families that we support.


At Fundación UNIFIN we are convinced that we all have the power to help; we are an organization that joins efforts with others. This is where we find our greatest value.  We know that all children and young people have the same rights and deserve a fulfilling life, built with food, quality health services, education, and the care they need to become productive human beings for society.


Establish partnerships with other organizations and social activists to:

Provide opportunities to all Mexican children and teenagers living in extreme poverty. Such opportunities should allow them to improve their life quality.

Promote educational, recreational, social, and psychological activities that allow children and young people with disabilities to fully participate in society.

Provide resources to achieve the optimal functioning of social and health institutions that fight childhood cancer.

Support communities affected by the devastation caused by natural disasters.

Promote corporate volunteering with the members of UNIFIN Financiera.

Causes we have supported:

UNIFIN Foundation

Child cancer:

  • Casa de la Amistad
  • Aquí Nadie Se Rinde
  • Fundación Dr. Diaz Perches
  • Fundación Teletón Vida (Hospital Infantil Teletón de Oncología HITO)
  • Unidos Pro -Trasplante de Médula Ósea. Francisco Casares Cortina
  • Patronato INCAN - Instituto Nacional de Cancerología

Health problems:

  • Fundación Michou y Mau
  • Centro Integral de Labio y Paladar Hendido (Suma)
  • Kardias
  • Angelitos de Cristal
  • Ándale para Oír


  • Fundación Marillac
  • Centro de Adaptación y Desarrollo Integral CADI
  • Fundación Mexicana para el Desarrollo Rural
  • Saber Para Crecer
  • Fundación Memoria y Tolerancia
  • Mixbaal Fondo para el Fomento de la Educación /OMM
  • Fundación De Cero a Tres

Food and housing:

  • Comedor Santa María
  • Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle
  • Fundación de Apoyo a la Juventud
  • Niños y Niñas de México
  • Fundación Quinta Carmelita

Attention and support in natural disasters:

  • Cruz Roja Mexicana
  • Cruz Roja Jon Rham
  • Comité de Ayuda a Desastres y Emergencias Nacionales (Cadena)

Disability and inclusion:

  • Iluminemos de Azul por el Autismo
  • Unidos Somos Iguales
  • Asociación Pro - Personas con Parálisis Cerebral (Apac)
  • Fundación Promoción y Acción Comunitaria

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